Hello Kitty Con 2014 Preview

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Friendship Stage

Last night I attended the media preview of Hello Kitty Con 2014, and it was amazing! If you were able to get tickets, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Display

Taking place at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Hello Kitty Con 2014 is paradise for any Hello Kitty collector.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Food Display

Hello Kitty Friendship Village, the convention’s main floor, is full of awesome installations and displays. Just look at this Hello Kitty food display!

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Cute Display

And this display is just ridiculously cute!

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Shrubbery

Seriously? Even the shrubbery is supahcute.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Mural

The Art Scene features work by artists Dabs Myla, Pose, and Globe Poster, and there are plenty of places for fun photo ops.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Tattoo Options

There’s a Hello Kitty Tattoo Shop where you can get real tattoos on a first come, first served basis. Here are some of the available designs.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Vintage Shoppe

I spent most of my time at Sanrio Vintage Shoppe because I’m old and Hello Kitty represents my childhood.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Vintage

At some point in my life, I had that jewelry box! (Of course I broke it because I’m clumsy.) Sanrio Vintage Shoppe has authentic vintage items available for sale.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Friendship Station

Hello Kitty Friendship Station Pop-Up Shop is another section that will be dangerous to your wallet. This section futures a huge selection of exclusives and other Hello Kitty goods.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Friendship Station Exclusives

I think I’m too old for charm necklaces but this is the best thing ever.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Mighty Fine

Try not to spend all of your paycheck at Super SuperMarket. I actually didn’t spend any money during the preview, but I will be back on Sunday for this burger sweater by Mighty Fine.

Supahcute Hello Kitty Con Spam Musubi

And I may need this Spam musubi maker just because.

Hello Kitty Con 2014 Supahcute

Be sure to stop by Upper Deck’s booth to get a free customized trading card. This was my favorite photo opp of the night. Even more photos from preview night are available at my Flickr.


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