FEMINAMORPHE at Toy Art Gallery


On January 10, Toy Art Gallery presents “FEMINAMORPHE” featuring Candie Bolton, Helen Vine, Okokume, Tasha Zimich, Teresa Chiba, and Uamou. Feminamorphe’s six female artists bring a unique perspective to the toy art form, mixing beauty and cuteness with a dark thread of surreality. The show features original drawings, paintings, and prints along with custom toys and exclusive editions.

Candie Bolton
Candie Bolton
Candie Bolton
Candie Bolton

Candie Bolton says, “Feminamorphe is an all female show featuring art that expresses femininity through nature. For my pieces, I imagined a world where the lives of women and animals have been completely merged and exist harmoniously as one creature.”


With her new series, Uamou says, “the first thing that came to my mind was the leopard pattern. Not necessarily restricted to leopards only, the leopard pattern can be found among many animals and plants and have always had my admiration. The leopard pattern is brash and elegant at the same time and I think that for that reason you will find that many women like to wear the leopard pattern as well.”

Feminamorphe opens at Toy Art Gallery on Saturday, January 10 (7-10pm) and the exhibition will run through January 31.


Author: Supahcute

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