Whispering Spirit Vinyl Figure Set

Whispering Spirit Blue

Meet Whispering Spirit, a character designed by Bubi Au Yeung in 2012. Back then, Whispering Spirit was released as a limited edition polystone figure by KUSSO.

Yellow Whispering Spirit

In 2013, Bubi lined up Crazylabel and KUSSO to start producing Whispering Spirit as a smaller version in vinyl. Bubi also designed 3 colorways and created 2 new characters: Forgotten Soul and Smiley Slow Soul.

Grey Whispering Spirit

She says: “It have been an unforgettable experience to make WS in vinyl, the final products took lot of time and efforts to make, and so happened that is also the final project by Crazylabel.”

Whispering Spirit Blue side

Blue Whispering Spirit comes with a spirit (bubble) and backpack. The backpack and spirit are interchangeable among the WS figures. Each Whispering Spirit is around 3″ tall.

Forgotten Soul

Meet Forgotten Soul: Whispering Spirit believes that our childhood and precious memory live in the forgotten soul. Forgotten Soul is about 1.5″ tall.

Grey Whispering Spirit Set

Grey Whispering Spirit comes with a spirit (Bubble) and Forgotten Soul.

Smiley Slow Soul

This is Smiley Slow Soul: Whispering Spirit takes everything slowly and believes a simple smile can smooth our soul. Smiley Slow Soul is about 1.5″ tall.

Yellow Whispering Spirit Set

Yellow Whispering Spirit comes with a spirit (bubble) and Smiley Slow Soul.

WS Package

The 3 Whispering Spirit colorways will be available as a box set – limited to 333 sets at $90 per set. The toys are still in production and will hopefully be available in April.

Story of Whispering Spirit:
Whispering Spirit talks to his best friend,
“the spirit”, a lot and relies on him very much.
“the spirit” is there for him always, especially when he got hurt or was lonely.
One thing Whispering Spirit doesn’t realize is, “the spirit” is just his imaginary friend, and what he has always counted on is actually his own self…A lot of times, we survived with our endurance’s backing, and nobody but us are our only best friends…


Author: Supahcute

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