Flower Pepper Gallery Presents “Xiong Mao”


On Saturday, April 11, Flower Pepper Gallery presents Xiong Mao, a collection of works inspired by China’s national treasure, the Giant Panda. “Xiong Mao” directly translates to “Bear Cat,” which has been the focus of Chinese mythology and folk lore for generations.

Jezabel Nekranea

Each artist participating in this exhibition has been invited to create one piece portraying their interpretation of either the beloved giant panda, or a bear and cat. “Xiong Mao” will be Flower Pepper Gallery’s second panda inspired exhibition.

Kristian Adam
Kristian Adam

The reception is open to the public and on view until May 12. For purchase inquiries or to request a preview, email contact@flower-pepper.com.

Leila Ataya
Leila Ataya

Participating artists include: Alex Louisa, Ania Tomicka, Cory Benhatzel, Crowded Teeth, David Chung, David Natale, Denae Wilcowski, Desiree Fessler, Emiko Woods, Heather Gross, Jeremiah Ketner, Jezabel Nekranea, Jill Bencsits, Jiny He, Jon Lau, Jonathan Martinez, Joshua Roman, Katie Nagayama, KiSung Koh, Kristian Adam, Leila Ataya, Luke Chueh, Nhu Diep, Nico Guidote, Nicole Bruckman, Paige Jiyoung Moon, Seth Drenner, ShadowMonsterBear, Shanghee Shin, Susanne Apgar, Thomas Han, Tory Lin, Tony Rabit, Yejin Oh.


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