Naoshi “Sweets Planet” at La Luz De Jesus Gallery


On June 5, La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents “Sweet Planets” featuring new work by Naoshi. She is part of a four-person show that opens June 5 with a reception from 8-11pm.


Using shiny colorful sand, which is called SUNAE in Japan, I’m making SUNAE art. I always get inspirations from things around my everyday life, such as my favorite sweets, sunny side up eggs, the big continuous sky and the rain, etc. My art is the reflection of my imagination. I usually get ideas and start sketching when I imagine surreal things and have a moment like “Ah, the whole scenery would be funnier if those things looked like this!” I always hope to live life brightly each day just like the sparkly shiny sand that gracefully slips through my hands and fingers.


The exhibition will run through June 28. Visit this link to more images from the show.



Author: Supahcute

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