Sneak Preview: Edwin Ushiro ‘The Study of Life as Things’

Edwin Ushiro 2015 solo

EDWIN USHIRO An Arms Length within Safer Depth (2015)

From Edwin Ushiro: The show consists of knowledge gathered during my Iao Intermediate School days. This body of work includes: pool time in the summer (since we were for the most part in Wailuku, my brother and I would spend alot of time at the local pool nearby our grandparents house – the beach was too far), Rusty and playing in the backyard with him (from kitten to cat), kids playing basketball, recreating 6 of my favorite basketball cards from 1990 – 1992 (my hobby until 1995), beach (a special treat), mynah birds (although they can be a menace, now that I am living in California, I really miss them), Ooka Supermarket (Wailuku’s largest locally owned supermarket and one of the first on Maui which closed in 2005 and was converted into a 61 unit senior living complex), Iao Intermediate School King and Queen (prom – I never knew such a thing existed), a pocket calendar that references the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy which was heavily underlined by our Hawaiiana teacher, Mr. Edwin Linsey with an underlying emphasis on 90’s fashion in Hawaii.

Edwin Ushiro cats

The Study of Life as Things
Solo exhibition by Edwin Ushiro
July 18 – August 5, 2015
Opening reception: July 18 (6:30-10pm)
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