Today is #AskACurator Day

small-adventures-openingToday is #AskaCurator Day, and I received some great questions on Instagram. See my answers below…

How do you decide on your themes?

All of my shows grew out of an idea that became an obsession. I thought of Supahcute Kaiju Show after seeing Pacific Rim and wondering ‘where are the cute baby kaiju?’ My boyfriend used to teach first grade and now he teaches third grade. My recent show Small Adventures developed from looking at his stack of old Sendak and Silverstein books. As a curator, my goal is to come up with show themes that are unique and that feel right at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

What is the process for curating an exhibition?

It involves spreadsheets and a lot of emails! As a curator, my role is part event organizer and part hypewoman. This includes inviting the artists, reviewing promotional materials, ensuring all works are delivered on time, procuring photos of the finished pieces, sending out press releases, and promoting the hell out of the show!

Leanna and I have been working together since 2012, and we’re constantly tweaking our working process to make sure the show runs smoothly. We want everyone to enjoy the best time ever!


What is your most favorite and least favorite part of the job?

My favorite part is meeting young art fans! My friend’s daughter Mia sent me this drawing of a “flowerpot alarm beastlie” after she saw Supah Mashup Art Party. She was inspired by the collaboration between Leslie Levings and Shing Yin Khor!

My other favorite part is working with so many wonderful artists. I feel privileged to know such talented, warm, genuine people.

My least favorite part is the post-show blues I feel upon returning to my day job.

For a themed show, what has been your most successful show (and was its success based on solely the theme or did timing/season contribute)

In terms of turnout and the amount of funds raised, both of the animal benefit shows that I co-curated with Leanna have been the most successful. Who doesn’t love cute animal artwork that supports a great cause?

It may be too early but I think Small Adventures is turning out to be pretty successful. I’m really proud of all of the artists who contributed to this show. To see all of these great works on one wall is quite amazing.

Both Supahcute Kaiju Show and Supahcute Kaiju 2 did really well, too. It’s hard to say what made these shows successful. If I could figure out the formula, I’d be a genius! I would attribute the success mostly to the artists who created pieces that connected with Leanna’s audience.


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