Limited Edition Mischief from Momiji x Gary Ham

Momiji Hermees & Tiny Trickster

Today sees the launch of Gary Ham‘s much-loved Hermees character – presented with a spooky Halloween twist – as a Momiji message doll containing a tiny folded card for your own, handwritten secret message. Momiji Hermees and Tiny Trickster are available exclusively from

Hermees is a Halloween-obsessed bat. He enjoys playing tricks more than the treats. His bff is Tiny Trickster who prefers the treats over the tricks. So much so that he sucks the sweet out of sweets! — Gary Ham


Only 750 hand-numbered pieces of Momiji Hermees and his sidekick Tiny Trickster have been produced and come packaged in Momiji’s signature noodle boxes with an outer gift box.


Author: Supahcute

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