New Treeson + New Ren + Fluffy House Special Edition Anniversary Set

New Treeson and Ren

New Treeson and New Ren are finally available and they are supahcute!! Congratulations Bubi Au Yeung and Fluffy House on this amazing collaboration!!


Preorder the New Treeson (Original Color) – ships around mid-December.


Preorder New Ren (Original Color) – ships around mid-December.


Don’t miss this special 10 year anniversary set featuring Ren and Treeson in a special color! The 10 Years Anniversary set is a Fluffy House special edition and only 100 sets will be available in the whole world!!

The new Treeson and new Ren is a collaboration between Fluffy House and Bubi Au Yeung, creator of the Treeson series. For more photos and information, visit Treeson’s Facebook page.


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