Thank You, Designer Con 2015!

Cuddly Destruction Crew: Vanessa Ramirez, Jared Andrew Schorr, Rodger Revilla, Jerrod Maruyama

Designer Con 2015 was seriously the best Designer Con ever!! I want to thank Vanessa Ramirez, Orbital Ox (Rodger Revilla), Jared Andrew Schorr, and Jerrod Maruyama for being the best booth-mates in the universe. I’m impressed by their talents and awed by their amazing personalities. This is an entertaining cast of characters, and I’m already thinking about next year’s Designer Con.

On behalf of Vanessa, Rodger, Jared, and Jerrod, I want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend! It’s always great to see old friends and meet new fans. We appreciate every single person who paused to interact with us, even if it was the briefest moment.

Shout-out to the artists who gave me in-person feedback on my art marketing email newsletter! (Shameless plug: you can sign up for it here.) It’s a wonderful thing when people take the time to give you encouragement about what you’re doing. Designer Con is a great community of fans and creatives and I’m really proud to be a part of it!


Author: Supahcute

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