The Crystal Crypt and Beyond Opens Fri. 2/5!

Flavia Chan klarff crystal crypt.jpg
Flavia Chan

On February 5, 2016, Spectral Gallery presents The Crystal Crypt and Beyond featuring artwork inspired by Philip K. Dick and his stories. This exhibition is held in conjunction with the online release of the award-winning short film The Crystal Crypt. The show is co-curated by yours truly and Shahab Zargari, director of The Crystal Crypt.

Jared Andrew Schorr Crystal Crypt
Jared Andrew Schorr

Participating artists include Albert F. Montoya, Cody Williams, Creeptoons, Dasha Biggs, Dub Williams, Eric Michael Hancock, Fika Art, Flavia Chan, Gabriel Edwards, Genevieve Santos, Hooked Hands, Jacob Gallegos, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jska Priebe, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Mike Biggs, and Rodger Revilla.

Eric Hancock_thekingsheir
Eric Michael Hancock

The Crystal Crypt and Beyond opens with a reception starting at 7pm – in conjunction with First Friday Las Vegas. A closing reception will take place on March 4.


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