Artist Interview: Claudia Ramos Designs


Claudia Ramos is a graphic designer, surface designer, and illustrator, who has worked on everything from web design, greeting cards, and fashion apparel to signage. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is a mom to a spunky 8 year old. Get to know Claudia in my latest interview.

How do you manage to balance your various projects while remaining so upbeat and positive?

The way I balance my work and life is by planning and getting a lot of support. During the day I’m at work and I try to make it fun by taking the time to chat with my fellow co-workers and see what they are working on. When I get home I spend time with my daughter and my husband. I leave all my work issues at work and just dedicate the few hours with my daughter before she goes to bed. My husband helps me out a lot! When I get home he has dinner ready and my daughter has finished all her homework. Once my daughter goes to sleep I take a few hours to catch up with my e-mails, and work on my own projects.


I try to work on my own personal projects because it makes me happy and I get to do what I want to do. It took me a long time to make the decision to start my Etsy shop. I just said well it does not hurt to start small and see if people like what I create. I’m happy that I did it and I’ve met some amazing creative people! I always carry a sketch book with me and I just doodle or write down anything that I feel would inspire me for my later projects. I try to just see the positive in any situation and I think that’s why I love kawaii art. You get to see cute, happy items, from food, office supplies, and so on. It makes me smile and I try to see everything as a happy fun place in my mind. I know it sounds funny but it helps me out.

What have you learned by entering the pin game?

What I’ve learned is that there’s a big community! The way I learned a lot about the pin game community was all through Instagram. I just reached out to some of the pin artists and they pointed me in the right direction where I ended up in a Facebook Pin group. I was lucky to find a company that creates pins for a good price and I’ve been very happy with the results. I’ve been using them for all my pins.


I’ve learned there’s different types of pins from soft pins to hard pins which are the two I’ve used so far. I created these cute heart-shaped donuts that you can use as collar pins. They came out so cute and I’m excited to see how people would react to it. As for how I decide what artwork would make it onto a pin is by first loving it and if it’s something I would wear. I try to keep in mind what people love, which are food, pets, unicorns and just cute stuff. People that love Kawaii want to wear something that makes them smile so I keep that in mind on all my projects! I want people to feel joy from wearing my pins.


Can we expect to see more embroidery from you?

YES! I’m so in love with embroidery! I’ve been sketching and using past artwork that I created and making them into embroidery. The reason I love doing embroidery is because it is like therapy for me. I set up all my embroidery items, have my coffee and watch all my shows while I’m working. I feel like embroidery is another way for me just to enjoy different ways to create my cute art. My whole wall is full of embroidery and it just makes me smile! Every time I start an embroidery project I learn something new about how to execute and make it better. I tell anybody that wants to pick up a new hobby to try embroidery, it’s the best way to relax!


What 2017 project are you most excited about?

I want to keep challenging myself by trying out new ways to express my art and growing my business. I would like to take part in fun events like designer con and other events where I can meet more artists. I would like to also start collaborating with other artists.

I love supporting artists and just enjoying all the amazing talent! I was always that person looking from the outside and now I’m part of this amazing community. I’m truly happy and blessed to take part in it. I just want to spread joy with all my work. Thank you so much Hana for allowing me to be part of your cute events. I remember when I decided to just open my small Etsy shop I saw your blog post regarding if you want to be part of an art show. At first I did not think I would get a response back but I said just go for it and when I saw that email form you it just gave me confirmation that I should keep doing what I’m doing. Thank you and Happy New Year!


Learn more about Claudia on her official website. You can purchase her works at these online shops.


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