Artist Interview: Nan Lawson


Nan Lawson is an artist and Illustrator based in Los Angeles. She’s a regular contributor to several art galleries across the country, many of which have a pop culture focus. Read about Nan in my latest interview.

2016 was momentous for you with the move and the new baby (Congratulations!). How do you think 2017 will shape up for you?

Thank you! Yes, 2016 was a big year for me personally, and I’m hoping 2017 will be a good year professionally. I’m planning on showing at more conventions, and I’m hoping to branch out beyond gallery shows and fan art, but for right now I just hope to meet my deadlines while caring for my daughter Charlie.


How do you balance creating artwork, doing shows/conventions, and promoting yourself online? You do all these things so well so I was wondering if you had any tips to share.

Well, before having a baby it was pretty easy to balance everything! I’m very lucky in that making art is my full time job. I’ve been doing it full time for several years now, and I sort of naturally found a good schedule for me when it came to making time to just draw, or when I need to do the less fun stuff like shipping orders or bookkeeping. I usually leave 2 days a week for doing the business end of things, and then 3 days a week to work on drawing, whether that is a commission, freelance gig, or personal artwork.

Did you notice that I give myself weekends? I think it’s just as important to work hard as it is to have down time. Promoting art has also become very easy these days with social media. Basically any time I finish a piece I’m proud of I can just share it online! I’m lucky to have built up a small following over the years, and word of mouth has helped greatly in spreading my audience.


What are you listening to when you’re working?

I always work with something on in the background. I love film scores, and that is usually what I listen to while working. But I also do audiobooks and podcasts occasionally.


The world is ending and you’ve got room in your car for 3 bad ass heroines. Who do you take with you?

Well, I think the obvious first choice is Furiosa, she’d be the driver, naturally. I think I’d like Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice for witty conversations, and Hermione Granger for her quick logical thinking – and magical abilities!


Nan has had the opportunity to work with companies such as the Academy Awards, LucasFilm, Disney, and Fox Entertainment. She also works with several freelance clients creating illustrations for online and print articles, and maintains her own print shop online.


Author: Supahcute

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