Artist Interview: Vanessa Ramirez


Vanessa Ramirez is a Serial Doodler and Sculptor of Things. Her sculptures and drawings tend to be expressive snapshots of monsters in their daily lives. Her monsters are a mixture of cute, odd, and just a touch neurotic. Vanessa’s creativity and imagination are fueled by a lifetime love of traditional and stop motion animation. See what’s she up to next in my latest interview.


Anyone who knows you knows you’re fascinated with sharks. When can we expect shark sculptures from you?

I LOVE SHARKS. And 2017 is the year. I will be releasing my first resin sharks tomorrow [February 3]. There are two different version that will be available. I will have more information about the second release on my social media feeds and of course progress pics if you like that kind of thing.


What does the future hold for the Dark Nesh?

The Dark Nesh character is a lot of fun to draw and using that character in some way is something I have been rollin around my head for a while. I have some ideas for a comic of sorts that I am hoping to get to this year if I can get enough material together in a way that makes sense. So she’s still wandering around in the background wreaking havoc.


How do you balance your art life with your day job?

It’s not always easy but I find planning helps. Things don’t always work out how I plan of course and there are days when it’s just not happening but planning is key. The hardest part is knowing when to stop. There are times I work way too late and have to be at work early and that is not great. So I try to stick to a quitting time that gives me time to unwind and sleep properly.


How will you keep your work fresh in 2017?

I will hopefully stay fresh by staying consistent. Continuing to work hard and push myself. Make things I want to see in the world from my perspective and expand the little world I am building one neurotic monster at a time.


Vanessa can be found making her creations under the cover of night from an undisclosed location in Los Angeles where she currently resides. Her works are available on BigCartel and her first shark release will launch tomorrow, February 3. She also has work available at Stranger Factory.

Artist Interview: Angella Powell


Angella Powell is a Canadian artist who has shown work at galleries in Edmonton, Alberta. Last year, her artwork was displayed at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and at New York Comic Con. Angella took some time to share some thoughts about her life as an artist.

You mentioned that you want to build a new body of work. Can you give us a taste of what to expect in 2017?

I plan to fill the year with paintings, sculptures, and textile-filled artworks. 2017 will be a year of pigeon portraiture, jackalopes in satin, and other assorted beasties in their finest.


Tell me about the fantasy world that your unique creatures come from. I imagine them residing in different corners of the same universe.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m Canadian and am lucky enough to have a family that enjoyed nature and the wilderness that exists in plenty here. I’ve always loved and have been inspired by the natural world around me. I am also deeply interested in archetypes and mythologies, especially indigenous gods and goddesses, and think that all of this combines in my creative mind to create the blended anthropomorphic creatures I call the Cervari.


What is the hardest part about being a working artist?

The hardest part is finding the time to create! I know I have to sleep sometimes, and going to work to make a bit of cash is great as well as getting me out of the house once in a while (my natural tendency is to hermit). I am a natural morning person, waking up at 5AM on most days regardless, and unfortunately that also happens to be my most creative time of the day. Finding a balance with all aspects of my life is something I continually work on.


I loved your mixed media pieces for the Tiny Wonderland show. Can we expect more?

Mixed Media is my primary medium for all artworks, regardless if they’re 2D or 3D. It’s rare for me to just paint or sculpt using in one medium- I collect handmade papers, textiles, dye and spin my own wool, and have containers of gathered things from just about everywhere. Embedding bark paper onto a birch panel, constructing a felted cloak for an animal bust, or sewing tiny silver beads into a wall hanging- it’s all part of the work that I do.

What role does art play in your life?

Art is life. When I’m in a drought I feel like something’s missing. When I’m hands-deep in a project I lose track of time and know that I’m doing one of the most natural things I can do. I surround myself with artworks from fellow creators for inspiration and that sense of community.


Angella is currently open for shows and commissions so get in touch with her. You can see more of her work on her Instagram.