Save the Date! California Love 2 at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland


California Love 2
A Love Letter to Southern California
Leanna Lin’s Wonderland
Opening Event: September 16 (6-9pm)
Show Run: September 16 – October 29

On September 16, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland presents California Love 2: A Love Letter to Southern California. Curated by Supahcute, this group exhibition is a follow-up to last year’s California Love Art Show. We’ve invited our favorite artists to share what they love about the southern region of the Golden State.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, September 16 from 6-9pm, and the exhibition runs through October 29.

Artists: Amanda DempseyBelle LeeBored Inc.Celina La FlacaFlat BonnieHooked HandsilootpaperieJared Andrew SchorrJenna Puente (Paper Wilderness) Kelley FrisbyKendra MinadeoMiranda DresslerMisha LuluNaoshi – Nina PalombaPapa Joe SalOrbital OxRitzy PeriwinkleSaoZenSimon Says MacySusutenVanessa Ramirez

Postcard graphic by Bored Inc.

A Survey, a Solo Exhibition by Edwin Ushiro

Edwin Ushiro A Survey

On Saturday, July 8, Giant Robot 2 Gallery presents A Survey, a solo exhibition by Edwin Ushiro. The show opens with a reception on July 8 from 6:30 – 10:00 p.m. and runs through July 26. For art inquiries please contact Eric Nakamura at eric@giantrobot.comand 424-246-7626.

EDWIN USHIRO The Shower (2017)

From the artist statement: “Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things by Lafacdio Hearn is a book that has held my childhood fascination of the supernatural into my adult life. I interpreted selections of the Japanese folktales in this book through the eyes of a Japanese American growing up in Hawaii. A place where the supernatural is alive and well documented since the arrival of the immigrants in 1885. From here, I am able to present and share with you a better understanding of these folktales.”

EDWIN USHIRO Yuki Onna (2017)

Edwin Ushiro is an artist from Hawaii who is currently residing in Southern California. He captures the essence of Hawaii, youth, and nostalgia in a technique that’s uniquely his own.

EDWIN USHIRO The Dream of Akinsuke I (2017)

Edwin Ushiro’s work resonates with the echoes of his boyhood in the “slow town” of Wailuku on the Hawaiian island of Maui. In his paintings, he recalls the sun-struck days of youth, when the world was fresh and magical, but also explores the eerie folklore indigenous to dark country roads and the boundless depths of the childhood imagination. While structuring his work around the narrative tradition of “talk story” native to the Hawaiian islands, he interweaves the uncanny obake tales of his Japanese heritage. Working in a unique mixed media technique which involves laboring in ink and acrylic over sheets of Lucite printed with assemblages of his more traditional drawings and paintings, he creates reflections on the past that are luminous and nostalgic, like cherished memories burnished by the passage of time.

EDWIN USHIRO Local Motion (2017)

The Mary Blair Tribute Show Closes Sunday, June 11


We want to thank everyone who has visited The Mary Blair Tribute Show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! This weekend is your last chance to see everything in person so don’t delay!


Special thanks to all of our participating artists: Bored Inc.Cameron GarlandCathy ZhangCrowded TeethEm & SproutGenevieve SantosGreenbeanbabyJared Andrew SchorrJoel and Ashley Selby – Kendra MinadeoKukubeeLuke FlowersMegan BrainMisha LuluNan LawsonNina PalombaOrbital OxSaoZenSergio JaureguiShelley Couvillion – Vanessa Ramirez


Many pieces have sold but there are some great originals and a few prints still available for sale. If you can’t see the show in person, check it out online!


The show ends this Sunday, June 11 so be sure to capture the magic while you still can. For more photos, visit this Flickr album.

Artist Interview: Nina Palomba


Nina Palomba is a Los Angeles artist working in all painted realms from small toys to large scale murals. Her style involves a heavy use of original characters, bright colors and light hearted whimsical narratives. Read about Nina’s world in my latest artist interview.

Nina Palomba Spread Your Light

You shared a few glimpses of Nina’s World in last year’s Tiny Wonderland show. Tell me more about what we can find there.

Nina’s World is a comic diary. It is filled with illustrated glimpses into my personal life through whimsical paintings. I think of all things I make as a freeze frame of sorts, capturing a moment in my life despite it being one that is positive or negative.The text and phrases I share are those that I keep in the back of my mind on the daily. All my work is different due to this, each piece has a story to tell.

Nina_Palomba mural

You made a name for yourself in the Chicago street art scene. What brought you out to Los Angeles? 

Chicago was the beginning step into what I am doing now. Developing my style and having the freedom to explore street art and my illustrated work definitely gave me the confidence to grow and press forward with what I do on a larger level. This ended up being the reason for moving to LA. I wanted to push myself in a city with no limits. I love LA! It’s been amazing. I’m so grateful and humbled from my experiences here this past year. I’ve accomplished things I’ve dreamt of doing since a kid. My work has gone into many new realms including miniatures and has developed immensely in a more mature direction. I feel being here has really made me view my work more seriously as well, wanted to truly nurture it and make it really stand out and speak for itself.

Nina Palomba mural

Do you think it’s more difficult for female artists to become known in the street art world?

I think now more than ever there are larger amounts of opportunity for women to share there creative voice on a larger scale in street art and public art, specifically murals. In the past I feel it was harder for women to break into and out of the world of graffiti which would then lead them potentially into street art and the gallery scenes. I feel a lot of that has become meshed together due to murals being completed by artists of vast backgrounds. Within the street art community I have become a fixture in, I am generally one of the only women working in my aesthetic and in the scale that I do. There are many amazing women in street art doing wonderful things, but I have yet to really connect with them.

My journey has been very interesting in that way. I’ve definitely been immersed in the more male driven end of it. As an LGBT artist, that is where this conversation has become more relevant for me. Going beyond gender and into an artist’s identity and how that has become a bigger narrative in art making. Through creating work and having these conversations I finally feel I have built the platform to share my true self, as well as share the things I feel most passionate about.

What’s next for Nina’s World?

So far 2017 has been great! Lots of good things stirring. A couple big murals are lined up which is always nice. I am mostly excited about working towards a Nina’s World cartoon this year as well as a comic strip.


Nina’s original “Life is but an Adventure” for The Mary Blair Tribute Show is on view at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland through June 11. Learn more about Nina’s artwork at her website.