Counting Down to “Sweet Streets 2”

Just look at the adorableness that is Harley + Boss.

Adolie Day is so sublime.

I am so looking forward to Sweet Streets 2 which opens at Gallery Nucleus on September 11. Although the show is still a month away, the Sweet Streets blog has been making regular updates to whet our appetites. It’s totally working because I am already impressed with the show! I can’t wait to see everything in person.

Photos: Philip Lumbang “Adventure!”

Lord Von Cuddleton would like you to smile today.

Zug Zug says you should go rogue. Cutest wolverine ever. (I’m assuming this is a wolverine but it could be a badger.)

If you love animals and cute art, head over to GR2 to see Philip Lumbang‘s solo show “Adventure!” You will walk out of the show in a better mood, I guarantee. Check out my photos here.