Satyr Resin Figure by Seulgie


On Thursday, June 18 (5pm PST/8pm EST), will debut Satyr, the first indie toy by artist Seulgie. Satyr is a 4.5″ resin figure with hand painted details, and this first run will be limited to 6 pieces. Each Satyr is $85 and the figures will be listed individually so you can choose the satyr of your choice. All sales will go directly to Seulgie.

Satyr by Seulgie

The resin casts come from Seugie’s original sculpture, and all aspects of production and design were done by the artist herself. This is especially impressive when you consider this is the artist’s very first sculpture.

Satyr back

Seulgie started her apprenticeship with Peter Kato in 2014 where she learned hand sculpting, silicone mold making, resin casting, and sanding/finishing. He explains: She has come a long way and I am so proud of her ability, level of respect and hard work. My students may have my knowledge and techniques but its so wonderful to see that their pieces really do come from themselves, their imagination, their art.

Satyr Seulgie

Also available on June 18 will be some Bedtime Danglers and Sleeptime bunnies that were detailed by Seulgie to match her first run of Satyrs. Sleeptime Bunnies will be $12 each; Bedtime Bunnie Danglers will be $15 each. Satyr is quite adorable, and we can’t wait to see more from Seulgie!