Vannen Series 2: Thomas Han and Travis Lampe

Dear Vannen Artist Watches, thank you for adding cuteness to your Series 2 watches. The Thomas Han watch is to die for!

That packaging is ridiculously cute!

The Travis Lampe watch makes me deliriously happy.

Another packaging mega-win! More pictures on Vannen’s Facebook page.

Vannen, I love you.

The Enormous Tiny Art Show

The Enormous Tiny Art Show opens this Saturday at The Living Room on Sunset. The opening reception takes place from 7-9 pm, and the show runs until July 10. You’ll find awesome tiny art by Susie Ghahremani

and adorable tiny art by APAK.

Artwork is currently available for online viewing and purchase on their website. Go grab some tiny art!

Raindrop Melody Maker – Lullatone

Lullatone is an art, music and good ideas group, and their motto is “Minimalism is cute.” One of their cute ideas is the Raindrop Melody Maker, a very cool interactive game they made with Secondary School.  I played it during last night’s Lakers game; it was quite soothing and fun. I think kids would love it, too.

Play Raindrop Melody Maker. See Lullatone’s latest projects here.