Summerland Movie Club “A Tribute to Our Favorite Summer Movies”

Summerland Movie Club

This summer, we’re celebrating the 4-year anniversary of Leanna Lin’s Wonderland with Summerland Movie Club! Curated by Hana Kim of Supahcute, this group exhibition is a tribute to some of our favorite summer movies.

Summerland Movie Club features new works by 100% Soft, Ann Shen, Cameron Garland, Crowded Teeth, Goreilla + Moemoe, Ian Glaubinger, Jerrod Maruyama, Kelley Frisby, Kevin Jay Stanton, Kristen Lau, Rhodora Jacob, Ryan Shaw, and Vanessa Ramirez.

Ann Shen "Roman Holiday" SOLD
Ann Shen “Roman Holiday” SOLD
100% Soft "Weekend at Bernie's" SOLD
100% Soft “Weekend at Bernie’s” SOLD
Cameron Garland "Princess Nausicaa"
Cameron Garland “Princess Nausicaa”
Crowded Teeth "Wet Hot American Summer"
Crowded Teeth “Wet Hot American Summer”
Goreilla "Nacho"
Goreilla “Nacho”
Lloyd Dobler "Goreilla + Moemoe"
Lloyd Dobler “Goreilla + Moemoe”
Ian Glaubinger "Dino DNA"  Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Ian Glaubinger “Dino DNA” Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Jerrod Maruyama "It's An 80s Thing" SOLD OUT
Jerrod Maruyama “It’s An 80s Thing” SOLD OUT
Kelley Frisby "Crushes"
Kelley Frisby “Crushes” – Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Kelley Frisby "Sixteen Candles Print Set"
Kelley Frisby “Sixteen Candles Print Set”
Kevin Jay Stanton "Kiki's Delivery Service"
Kevin Jay Stanton “Kiki’s Delivery Service”
Kristen Lau "Buds"
Kristen Lau “Buds” SOLD
Kristen Lau "Clueless"
Kristen Lau “Clueless” Framed: SOLD; Unframed: AVAILABLE
Kristen Lau "I Guess They Pushed Him Too Far"
Kristen Lau “I Guess They Pushed Him Too Far” SOLD
Rhodora Jacob Summerland Movie Club
Rhodora Jacob “Am I the Last”
Ryan Shaw "Aliens"
Ryan Shaw “Aliens”
Vanessa Ramirez "Moonrise Kingdom"
Vanessa Ramirez “Moonrise Kingdom”