‘Creepy Cute’ Group Exhibition at WWA Gallery

Desiree Fessler "Otterly Refreshing"
Desiree Fessler “Otterly Refreshing”

I’m a fan of creepy/cute which is why I’m looking forward to WWA Gallery‘s first show of 2013. Opening on January 12, ‘Creepy Cute’ features paintings by seven artists: Peter Adamyan, Jonathan Bergeron, Dee Chavez, Desiree Fessler, Kelly Hutchison, Larkin, and Chase Tafoya.

Dee Chavez "Lighter than Air"
Dee Chavez “Lighter than Air”
Larkin "Saint Gus and Pilot"
Larkin “Saint Gus and Pilot”

‘Creepy Cute’ opens with a reception on January 12 from 7-10pm. The show runs through February 9, 2013. Visit WWA Gallery to add yourself to the preview list.