“Collection of Curiosities” Alex Louisa & Roland Tamayo at Flower Pepper Gallery

Rocket Popsicle by Roland Tamayo
Roland Tamayo

November 21st marked the opening of “Collection of Curiosities” at Flower Pepper Gallery. This two-person exhibition features new works by Alex Louisa and Roland Tamayo.

Kookaburra Splash by Alex Louisa
Alexa Louisa

While there is a great diversity of subject and style between these two incredible artists, Alex Louisa and Roland Tamayo both share a common source of inspiration through their examination of the world around them. Both find pleasure in the small things and their work is a great reflection of what is precious in their eyes.

Strawberry Cheesecake by Roland Tamayo
Roland Tamayo

I’m a huge fan of Roland’s work and I especially love his food Star Destroyers. Many pieces have already sold out so don’t miss out on this fantastic exhibition. “Collection of Curiosities” runs through December 15.