Doctor Who Series 1 – Vinyl Figures


This post is dedicated to all of the Dr. Who fans out there! These new blind-boxed figures were designed by Lunartik for Titan Merchandise. Pre-order now available at Signed Doctor Who Artist Proofs versions are also available – email for prices.

Celebrate the world’s favorite space-and-time-traveling adventurer with this unique collaboration between the BBC and Titan Merchandise. A multiverse of figures to collect!

This 16-character set is based on the BBC’s hit television series Doctor Who and includes Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor, his amazing time-and-spacecraft, the TARDIS, and some of his notorious foes including the supremely evil Daleks and the inhuman Cybermen.

Each figure is 3″ tall, and several figures come with character-specific accessories.

Mini Tea Tour 2011 – Vienna

Lunartik’s Mini Tea Tour features more than 70 custom works created from Matt JOnes’ Lunartik in a Cup of Tea. The tour started in Berlin, and the next stop is Vienna! On May 5, the Mini Tea Tour opens at the SIXXA Store¬†with a signing that starts at 6pm.

Chauskoskis is always amazing.

I also love Uamou‘s version.

See more images of the custom Mini Teas here.