Last Chance to See Supah Mashup Art Party!

This weekend is your last chance to see Supah Mashup Art Party at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland! Here’s a recap of the artist collaborations in this show:


Bubi Au Yeung and All Things Bright and Beautiful created this one-of-a-kind flash card set featuring their original drawings. This set is still available.

ice cream in my tummy

Genevieve Santos and Fat Rabbit Farm worked on several collaborative pieces and each contributed solo artwork as well. This solo piece by Genevieve is available.

jared andrew schorr spirited away

Jerrod Maruyama and Jared Andrew Schorr paid tribute to Studio Ghibli with collaborative and solo pieces. This piece by Jared is available.

forest beast

Leslie Levings and Shing Yin Khor collaborated on this amazing piece which is still looking for a good home.

Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb (are friends)!

Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb (are friends)! worked on three pie-related pieces, and all are still available for fellow pie lovers.

susie and irene

Susie Ghahremani and Irene Stone collaborated on these extinct and endangered animal portraits. The mammoth and green bog turtle have been spoken for, but the others are available.

herbert & harold

Vanessa Ramirez and Shing Yin Khor worked together on this two-headed monstrosity. Hopefully Herbert and Harold will find a permanent home before the show ends.


catmandru! & Loretta So worked on two prints that combine anime with cute animals. Both prints are still available.


Susie Gharemani and Jared Andrew Schorr worked together on this piece which highlights both of their talents. This great piece still needs a home.

See all of the available pieces here. For art inquiries, please email

Reminder: Supah Mashup Art Party Closes July 14!


If you haven’t seen Supah Mashup Art Party yet, be sure to visit Leanna Lin’s Wonderland soon! This exhibition runs through July 14. Here are some of the great pieces that are still available:

Jared Andrew Schorr "The Radish Spirit" $150
Jared Andrew Schorr “The Radish Spirit” $150
Bubi Au Yeung & All Things Bright and Beautiful “Nerd Flash Cards” $260
Bubi Au Yeung & All Things Bright and Beautiful “Nerd Flash Cards” $260
catmandru! & Loretta So"Tigers to Love!" $80
catmandru! & Loretta So”Tigers to Love!” $80
Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb “The Pie-Rat” $550
Lana Crooks & Steff Bomb “The Pie-Rat” $550

You can check out all of the available pieces at the online gallery. For art inquiries, please email