Color Ink Book’s “Happiest Show On Earth” at WWA Gallery

Sean Regalado and MoeMoe

Sean Regalado

Wow, check out this amazing collaboration between Sean Regaldo and MoeMoe!! This piece is part of WWA Gallery‘s upcoming group exhibition “Happiest Show on Earth.” Opening on September 7, this will be Color Ink Book‘s 5th anniversary group exhibit.


With a nod to WWA Gallery’s roots in animation art, over 60 artists have revamped iconic Disney characters. Jerome Lu captures the feeling of what it’s like to visit the happiest place on earth.

Dan Goodsell007

Dan Goodsell has several affordable and super affordable pieces in this show. “Happiest Show on Earth” opens with a reception on September 7 from 7-10pm. Sign up for the preview list at WWA Gallery’s website.