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What is The Stoop?
The Stoop is a neighborhood collective of artists, sculptors, burger aficionados, and evil geniuses. On November 8-9, The Stoop will be at Designer Con 2014. Visit booth #1013 and see new artwork by Vanessa Ramirez, Orbital Ox, Moemoe + Goreilla, and Yumster Friends (previously known as Vitamin Cats.

Here's where to find us!
Here’s where to find us!

On October 4 – November 9, The Stoop is taking over the art corner at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock. View the show online.

Who should visit The Stoop?
Monster fanatics, lovers of cute art, sculpture collectors, art doll enthusiasts, and basically anyone who loves cool stuff made by nice people.

Sounds awesome! Tell more more about the artists.
Vanessa Ramirez is a Serial Doodler and self taught Sculptor. A love of odd toys and resin figures led her to reignite a passion for drawing and new found passion for sculpting. Her work tends to bounce between styles both creating soulful creatures that weave their own stories as you follow them suffering through life and a distinct illustration style that uses lines and line weight to build form.

Orbital Ox was born in Baltimore, Maryland but now resides in Southern California. He grew up in Japan and Northern California. He moved down to Los Angeles to attend and graduate from film school with an emphasis in writing. He is a self taught photographer (a few cinematography classes helped) and is an avid art enthusiast. Orbital Ox loves to support talented people with warm hearts.

Yumster Friends (previously known as Vitamin Cats say a hug a day keeps the doctor away. Angie Cho is a maker of happy things and her mission is to keep folks healthy by dispensing a daily dose of hugs.

Moemoe is an artist and designer born and raised in Southern California which is an ever present inspiration in her work. She designs and makes from bits of textiles, notions, wire and clay. She loves to collaborate with her sculptor husband, Goreilla, creating unique pieces.

Goreilla (pronounced “Gorilla”) is a designer, educator, and artist. He is a Nostalgic Forealist with impressionistic and narrative tendencies.

Sneak Preview and WIP Photos

Burgercorns WIP


yumster friends

Fizzy Pidgys


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